Weak 6 of the Master Key Experience

but first… have you every been experienced? Well, I have…. let me prove it to you….

MY GOD YOU GUYS ARE BRAINWASHING ME!!!! HELP!! SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! THEYVE LOCKED ME IN A ROOM AND I CANT GET OUT!!!!!! oh wait, theres the light switch? you mean all i gotta do is get up and walk over there and turn it on, then leave? me? why don’t YOU do it FOR me…. what? your not my mom…. shite…. Iʻm gonna be stuck here a LOOOONG time!!!

a word of warning, if you havent done this, the MKE, run like hell to the woods!!! this will FUCK YOUR LIFE UP!!!!! you will never be able to go back to the way you were!!!!!!!!

Iʻve bean doing the work….my brain wants me to check out!! sleep!!!! it wants to go to sleep….no, i can do it now….do it now….do it now… i can be what i will to be…( no you cant, GOD said…) i can be what i will to be…. i can be what i will to be…. read the GSW 3 times, read the BPB, the DMP, the PR, the 7 laws, the….what??? (lets take a nap, iʻm tired!!) write the blog, read the giving/receiving card, do the service on the card, (these guys suck, lets quit this whole exercise, and take a nap!!!) dont forget read the GSW after lunch!!!! argh i forgot!!!!!!!!! make the movie poster, and put the shapes up on the wall at eye level, and in your car!!!( what the fuck is this guy doing to us??? we are losing control of this asshole!! hes not responding any longer…. oh wait, now he is, hes gonna complain to his friend now… now we got him) shite, i just wanna sleep, oh shite, its almost 8 pm…(oh no!!! the days over!!! shite, weʻll have to try again tomorrow to slow him down to stop him from getting this!!!) whew!! finally its time to sleep, oh turn the tape on and fall asleep to Devene reading the MK week 5…. i dont like the voice of the person reading week 6….so i read it myself…. good nite, sleep tight….now the sun turns out his light, good nite sleep tight, dream sweet dreams for me, dream sweet dreams for you….

Published by Chris Kauwe

3 ways to do things... an old man… I live in the middle of the Pacific …. in a little grass shack… I hang at the beach all day…. all i do is play….. I eat wallpaper paste…. and fish I have a 13rd grade education… ….its all changing….now... Iʻve taken the red pill...

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